Lambo Death in Qingdao, Eastern China

Posted: March 17, 2011 in News
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It saddens me to report that a Lamborghini Gallardo, one of my favourite cars of all time, has been taken out back and figuratively shot in the face – but literally taken apart by men wearing helmets and wielding sledgehammers.

Owned by a wealthy Chinese man, the Gallardo broke down after having had a service recently.  The only possible, reasonable action for this kind of thing is to hire a bunch of smash happy blue people to, well, smash the car up… Wait, what?

This was all part of a public protest for World Consumer Rights Day, and sadly it’s an event that probably won’t even get noticed by the world’s biggest companies any time soon.  A gruesome death in vain, if you ask me.  To remember the Gallardo as it should be, click here.

The Blue Man Group had to find new ways of venting their frustrations...

Source: Top Gear UK



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