Range Anxiety Addressed by Renault

Posted: March 17, 2011 in News, Videos
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The Renault EV Range

Renault plans on introducing a free recovery service for its Electric Vehicles (EVs) when they go on sale at the end of this year.

The guarantee will assume that you were busy driving home, within the range of the vehicle, but due to traffic or other circumstances – like rain and hence needing to use the lights and wipers extensively –  you run out of juice.

Renault says that they will provide customers that find themselves in these awkward situations with a replacement vehicle, but they haven’t confirmed just how much a single customer can use this service in any given time span.

The biggest concern for potential EV owners is that of “range anxiety”.  If you run out of petrol, it’s just a matter of a quick jog to the petrol station with a jerry can, whereas with an electric car you’d have to have a pretty long extension cable.

This fear hasn’t hampered Renaults ambitious plans for its EV range, as the core of the range will be made up of three cars: the Fluence goes on sale at the end of the year, the Twizy will be released next year, and the Zoe in 2013.

The most interesting of these cars is the Twizy, with its weird blend of car and scooter.  This could be one of those trendy, fashionable, urban-type vehicles in the future.

Renault, it seems, are trying to make sure first time EV owners have as comfortable an experience as possible, but the real test will come when prices are announced later on this year.

Below is a video on how Renault envision, (and developing), EVs working in the future…

Source: Autoblog UK


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