“Hong Kong Car of the Week” to Change to “Spotted”

Posted: April 13, 2011 in Hong Kong Car of the Week, News, Opinion

From me to you...

As anyone who may actually be following this blog will have noticed, this “Hong Kong Car of the Week” thing is not happening on a weekly basis.  This is entirely my own fault, because sometimes I am human and can be lazy.  Other times, I can actually be really busy too.  Either way, to quote Top Gear: “We were ambitious, but rubbish.”

So I’ve decided to change the segment to “Spotted” for a couple of reasons.  This will now give me more freedom to blog about vehicles as I see them, rather than seeing one and waiting up to a week before writing about it, whilst also giving some leeway for a period of not spotting any cars.  This also gives me further freedom in that I just have to change the end of the segment’s name to suit my location.  So say I’m in the UK for a holiday and I see a gorgeous Aston.  Now I can snap a pic and write about it, with the title “Spotted in the UK”.  Great right?  Awesome.  Here’s one to freedom…



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