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It’s the new M5!

Posted: June 16, 2011 in News, Pictures
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The new M5 has finally been revealed by BMW, and it looks good.

The biggest change can be seen under the hood, where BMW have switched the V10 for a 4.4litre twin-turbocharged V8 that puts out 555bhp and a massive 506lb ft of torque.  BMW promise that it is “lag-free” and gives a “trademark M car thrust”.

The new M5 has a seven-speed double clutch auto ‘box and three modes installed, with S1 being the gentlest to S3 where things get a bit more brutal.  In S3, the M5 clocks 0-62mph in 4.4 seconds and 0-124mph in 13 seconds.  The top speed is limited to 155mph, or 190mph with the “M Driver’s Package”.

On the M5 you can also find damper control, stability control, six-piston brake callipers and an “M dynamic mode”, while you can also programme two individual setups for the car and called up through the M Drive buttons.

In terms of looks, well… Take note of the 19inch M light alloy wheels, the rear spoiler, a rear apron with diffusers, flared wheel arches, intakes for the engine and brakes and the pair of tin exhaust tailpipes.  An aggressive super saloon that acts like it looks.

You can find the same stuff you’d expect on the inside too: sport seats, an M leather steering wheel, M-specific instrument cluster and the full options range from the 5 Series saloon, including a 10.2inch screen with iDrive control display.  Oh, and there’s also a head-up display.

Enjoy the M5 gallery…

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As I’m sure you’ve probably noticed, unless you’re head is beneath a rock, or if you’re hiding in a cave and have the surname “Bin Laden”, the Superbowl in the United States saw the Greenbay Packers taking home the trophy over the Steelers of Pittsburgh.

Seeing as I don’t generally follow American Football, I was surprised to hear that advertising during the breaks are a big deal, with massive budgets and star appearances.  Not surprisingly, car manufacturers make up a fair portion of those that utilize the opportunity to display their products across the US.

Beneath are seven adverts for different cars and manufacturers, each different in style… Which do you prefer? Vote in the poll! Or just leave a comment, your choice…

South Africa is generally known as a fairly violent place, especially in the financial capital – Johannesburg.  This bit of interesting news goes out to my friends who brave that city on a daily basis.

I bring good news to you people.  BMW has set up camp in a former Soviet military base in East Germany to educate drivers of the firm’s High Security Vehicles.  Here, they take it upon themselves to ensure that you know exactly how to handle any threatening situation that can be thrown at you on the road, so long as it’s in a BMW, I suppose.

Below is a video where you can see drivers facing a plethora of dangers ranging from fire, bullets and attempted ram-raidings.  So if you want to learn all the secrets behind J-turns and evasive manoeuvres whilst behind the wheel of a Beemer, you know where to look…

Source: Top Gear UK