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Hello! It’s been way too long since my last update on this here blog, and for that I am eternally apologetic.  Here’s something pretty to look at:

The Ferrari 458 - quite the looker...

To be honest, I have no truly valid excuse to give as to why I have been so slack.  Without wanting to go into too much detail, my life has been pretty crazy of late.  What with relocations and job-hunting, I’ve only recently found myself settling down a little bit.

Now that I have the time and energy to devote back into my writing, I think it’s about high time that I get things rolling with this blog again.  I have some plans for growth and expansion in the future, and yet again I want to encourage you, the readers, to get involved.  The glory of using a platform such as this is that it really allows us to create a community, and I can hardly think of anything more Utopian than a car-loving community.

On that note, you can look forward to more news, fun, eye-candy and opinion pieces, as well as input from new contributors.  In short, I’m talking about progress.  MADmotoring is back, come ride with us…


Pagani Huayra finally arrives.

The hype hitting the motoring world at the moment is none other than the long anticipated revealing of the Pagani Zonda’s successor: the Huayra.  What a beautiful piece of engineering it is too!

The Huayra (pronounced h-wire-a) sports a twin-turbo 6.0 litre AMG V12 that produces 730bhp and 811lb ft of torque.  No performance figures have been released as of yet, but it should prove to be something mind boggling as the Huayra only weighs 1,350kg and the tires are rated up to 230mph.  Click here to see more photos of the Huayra.

The most striking design feature is the Huayra’s gullwing doors, but maybe I’m just a sucker for gullwing doors, which is why I love the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG so much.  Don’t let the design distract you too much though, because that’s not what this car is about, as many motoring aficionados will tell you.

The tub within which the Huayra’s massive AMG engine sits is made from Pagani’s carbon-titanium, as well as the bespoke seven-speed paddleshift transmission from Xtrac.  The Huayra sits on a race-type pushrod setup, with adjustable Ohlins dampers and aluminium alloy wishbones.

The car also features four individual computer-controlled flaps on its upper surfaces.  This allows you to control the downforce on each corner of the car, which translates into better times around the track.

Mr. Pagani also believes that the car will achieve 23.5mpg on the combined cycle, which is pretty impressive… all things considered.