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A head-on collision involving a Ferrari 456 was caught on CCTV in Buenos Aires last week.  After having lost control, the supercar swung sideways across the road directly into an oncoming VW Gol.

Reports have said that the Ferrari driver didn’t sustain any major injuries, but more importantly the driver of the VW Gol survived and escaped with several broken bones and other minor injuries.

Here’s the video:

Source: Autoblog UK


This posting is just for fun, because like a dullard I was slow to react to the unveiling of the new Lamborghini Aventador.  However, seeing as I’m a massive fan of Lamborghini, and seeing as this is my blog where my rules apply, I’ve decided to showcase a gallery and two videos of the Aventador.  Enjoy the eye-candy!

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In the growing excitement of the upcoming Formula 1 season, most of us have been grabbing what news we can from wherever we can find it.  Click on this link to see pictures of the F1 cars for the 2011 season.

To help us get into the swing of things, Red Bull (last year’s champions) has put out a video that shows just what goes on in building an F1 car.  Usually videos like these can be boring or just a marketing exercise for a big sponsor, this one is actually quite entertaining.

Watch the video to find out why…

Source: Autoblog UK

South Africa is generally known as a fairly violent place, especially in the financial capital – Johannesburg.  This bit of interesting news goes out to my friends who brave that city on a daily basis.

I bring good news to you people.  BMW has set up camp in a former Soviet military base in East Germany to educate drivers of the firm’s High Security Vehicles.  Here, they take it upon themselves to ensure that you know exactly how to handle any threatening situation that can be thrown at you on the road, so long as it’s in a BMW, I suppose.

Below is a video where you can see drivers facing a plethora of dangers ranging from fire, bullets and attempted ram-raidings.  So if you want to learn all the secrets behind J-turns and evasive manoeuvres whilst behind the wheel of a Beemer, you know where to look…

Source: Top Gear UK